4 & 5 Year
MD Programs

This program is perfect for International applicants working towards an American Medical Education
Students can enter ߣߣƵ School of Medicine on two different tracks depending on their educational background. We offer a 4 Year Traditional US MD for students with the necessary biological sciences coursework.
We also offer a 5 year program geared towards students with little or no college science classes.

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) program at American University of Integrative Sciences is a 4 year program. The first two years of the four-year MD program concentrate on the traditional basic science disciplines on our campus in Barbados. The final two years focus on clinical sciences, with training at ߣߣƵ’s affiliated hospitals and clinical centers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Basic Science Goals

The goal of this program is long term retention and application of foundational knowledge to increasingly complex clinical situations. It is taught over 4 Semesters (15 weeks) semesters at our Barbados campus and prepares students for the clinical phase of your education. The new organ systems curriculum involves integration of a number of medical disciplines and is taught using several active learning methodologies in small groups, lectures, laboratory exercises, hands on clinical training and community health education. A unique fluid testing system is designed to prepare students for USMLE Step 1 through maximizing retention and memory recall.

Semester 5 is offered at our US campus in the Greater Atlanta area and is dedicated to integrative study and review of all basic sciences coursework.

ߣߣƵ Learning Types

ߣߣƵ brings real cases to the classroom through:

  • Team Based Learning
  • Clinical Reasoning in Basic Science (CRIBS)
  • Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

Clinical Sciences

Students train in clinical skills through preceptor supervised patient contact in both inpatient and outpatient care setting. These years in direct patient care enhance our students’ proficiency in medical history taking, conducting physical diagnostic examinations, understanding practice guidelines and developing interprofessional relationships and leadership skills. The successful Clinical training model enables students to become competent, compassionate physicians.

Advanced Clinical Medicine

4-week Advanced Clinical Medicine pre-clerkship in clinical procedures and skills certifications using a high definition medical simulation laboratory in Atlanta. Students complete 80 weeks of Clinical Clerkships in the US, Canada, and some international hospital locations.

Clinical Rotations

The 80 weeks of clinical clerkships in the Clinical Sciences curriculum includes:
– 48 weeks of core rotations in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Family Medicine, Psychiatry, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Pediatrics during Year 4
– 32 weeks of elective clerkships during Year 5

5 Year Direct Entry Doctor of Medicine (MD)

This intensive academic program aims to meet the needs of high caliber high school graduates or college students aiming to pursue a medical education, but who have taken few or none of the core science courses required for admission to medical school.

The Pre-medical sciences component of the 5-year program offers an accelerated pathway from High School to Medical School through completion of all prerequisite coursework and the 90-credit hour US medical school application requirements within the first four semesters of study.

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