FAQ for Travel to Barbados

Where can I find updated travel guide to Barbados?


Do I need a Covid-19 Test Before Traveling to Barbados?

Yes, a negative PCR test 3 days prior to your arrival in Barbados is a requirement to travel to Barbados. Your negative PCR test result should be uploaded to the BIMSafe app or https://travelform.gov.bb/home

How long will I have to quarantine be if I’m fully vaccinated?

Vaccinated Travelers

A fully Vaccinated person should expect to be quarantined for 2 days. Fully vaccinated travelers are encouraged to book a minimum of 2 days at approved accommodation.

Unvaccinated Travelers

How long will I have to quarantine if I’m not vaccinated?
Unvaccinated travelers should expect be quarantined for 7 days. On the 5th day of quarantine another PCR test would be done and then 1-2 days waiting period on results.

What if I test positive for COVID?

Before arrival: If you test positive for Covid-19 you must wait until you received a positive PCR test before traveling to Barbados
On arrival: If you test positive for Covid-19 on arrival you will first be assessed at a government facility for a minimum of 24 hours after assessment you will able to self-isolate at a government- approved isolation hotel or government facility. Quarantine will usually be until you receive a negative covid-19 PCR test.

What Quarantine apartments are recommended?

Recommendations are based on price (USD) and central location

Price: $89.45 per night

Maresol Apartments
Price: $80 per night

Plum Tree Rockley
Price: $110.64 per night

Self Catering Apartments Barbados

Angler Apartment
Price: $82 per night


Meridian Inn
Price: $75 per night


Pirates Inn
Price: $79 per night

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