U.S. Students

ߣߣƵ prides itself on educating top US doctors for the last 20 years. Our alumni are active in almost all US states across almost all specialties and subspecialties. We currently have students in Residency Programs at Duke University, The University of Cincinnati and Alabama, as well as other top residency programs at other large hospitals and state university systems. We focus our US students on hitting a high USMLE Step 1 mark and strong preparation for Clinical course work. Each US student has the option of studying in one or multiple regions of the US, typically based around the hubs of Atlanta, Washington, DC, Chandler, Arizona and Detroit, MI.

Canadian Students

Like the US, ߣߣƵ has been working with Canadian students for 20 years. Our tuition structure is designed to maximize the resources available to Canadian students and our recognition by the Canadian government and MCCEE allows students’ access to provincial, integrated and federal loans, as well as Grants and Scholarships. In fact, a majority of our Canadian students are using loans of some form. We are familiar with Canadian bank Lines of Credit designed for Canadians in professional school and can provide you the documentation needed to effectively start and continue your education.

International Students

Outside of the United States or Canada

ߣߣƵ is excited to begin accepting international applicants in January 2018. We have a rigorous 4 or 5 Year medical doctor degree that aligns well with students with 12 years of education from the following regions:

  • India
  • The Middle East, North and West Africa, and South Africa
  • Caribbean, CARICOM
  • Australia and New Zealand

Caribbean Students

The American University of Integrative Sciences, School of Medicine is proud to be a premier Caribbean medical school and honored to be located on the island of Barbados. If you are a CARICOM citizen considering applying to the medical program at the University of West Indies (UWI), we strongly encourage you to apply to ߣߣƵ as well. We accept the same application and have no wait for clinical rotations in the United States or Canada. We offer a North American Accredited MD degree for less than the Cave Hill UWI MBBS and greatly want to attract strong Caribbean applicants.

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