4-Year MD Program Requirements

Premedical requirements for admission into the 4-year MD degree program normally include University or College-level courses as follows or “A” Level GCE/CAPE work in 3 science subjects:

  • One academic year (2 semesters) of General Biology or Zoology
  • One academic year of General or Inorganic Chemistry and one academic year of Organic Chemistry
  • One academic year of Physics
  • One academic year of English
  • One academic year of Mathematics or Calculus
  • A broad background in liberal arts or social sciences

Students with A or CAPE level work may require an additional semester of science education in Organic Chemistry or Anatomy.

Additional Requirements

  1. Applicants must be eligible to apply for US visa during Clinical Clerkship training.
  2. If English is not the student’s first language an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with an overall score of 6.0 and at least 5.5 or higher in each component: reading, writing, listening, and speaking is required.

Health professionals with clinical practice experience are encouraged to apply.


Students with 90 credits of University or College-level undergraduate coursework with fulfilled ߣߣƵ pre-medical prerequisites (for details see ߣߣƵ catalog 2018-19) may be accepted directly into the 4-Year MD program without the Pre-Medical Year requirement.

Example of college courses needed for 4 year MD:
General Biology I w/Lab46
General Biology II w/Lab46
Physics I w/Lab46
Physics II w/Lab46
Organic Chemistry I w/Lab46
Organic Chemistry II w/Lab46
Inorganic Chemistry I w/Lab46
Inorganic Chemistry II w/Lab46
College Math (Any)34.5

5-Year MD Degree Program Requirements

Applicants who do not possess the premedical prerequisites for admission into the 4-Year MD degree program highlighted above are encouraged to apply for admission into the 5-Year MD degree program of American University of Integrative Sciences School of Medicine. Such applicants must possess college science coursework, a high school or secondary school diploma or certificate with high marks and credits in science subjects (i.e., chemistry, biology, and physics), mathematics or calculus, and English. 

International applicants looking at our 5-year program, we look for:

  • British system: GCE “O” Level with Grades A-C
  • Southeast Asia:10+2 with minimum 80% (Some applicants will qualify for a reduced class load in year 1)
  • Caribbean: CXC/CSEC Grades I-III

ߣߣƵ looks for a minimum of 5 subjects passed, with preference given for students with 6 or more. Depending on your educational background, ߣߣƵ makes has a flexible initial 2 years of study for a student to accelerate or decelerate the pace of study.

Student Health Insurance Requirements

All ߣߣƵ students are required to maintain adequate health insurance coverage that extends throughout Semesters 1-4 of Basic Sciences in Barbados and during the FCM course and Clinical Clerkships (MD Years 3-4) in the United States without interruption.

Barbados – Students who pay the Basic Sciences tuition receive free evacuation insurance in the event a student must be flown off the island for treatment. This coverage lasts for each semester the student is in and expires at the end of the month during their last semester on the island. Foreign country health insurance coverage for major sickness and accidents is the responsibility of the student.

United States – Students are required to maintain US health insurance with coverage during the Fundamentals of Clinical Medicine and Advanced Clinical Medicine Programs; and all Clinical Clerkships.

No students may start the Basic Science program or register for Clinical Clerkships until proof of health insurance has been submitted.

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