Why Barbados?

Barbados is a larger, more developed island with a more robust infrastructure able to support the needs of a growing medical school. Our students will have greater opportunities and more diverse exposure to both medical facilities and personnel as well as a medical system more aligned with that in the US and Canada, where all of our students practice.

Human Capital

Barbados is an English-speaking nation with a literacy rate ranked fourth in the world. Many of the medical professionals working in Barbados are trained in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Access to these medical workers and the facilities they work in addition to the learning opportunities for ߣߣƵ students and bolster the academic team.

Technology that supports educational growth

Barbados is fully wired with fiber optic cable. The Internet is solid and stable compared to other Caribbean islands and there is a strong multi-national corporation presence. All of this supports the high-technology delivery ߣߣƵ is refining and utilizing in the classroom for the development of the next generation of physicians.

ߣߣƵ executive leadership developed a relationship with governmental leaders in Barbados in early 2016. After numerous meetings, ߣߣƵ was welcomed to open a medical school campus on Barbados and granted an educational charter by the Barbados government. Though these charters typically take over a year to obtain, ߣߣƵ was granted a charter to operate in November 2016.

Our hope is that with continued partnership with the Barbados government and people, ߣߣƵ will continue to thrive and grow in this new, fertile academic environment. We look forward to inviting you to our new campus and educating the next generation of American and Canadian physicians.

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